Don’t Wait for Inspiration

This post was inspired by upcoming Episode 47 of The Nashville Podcast titled ‘Create Something‘ I like music. Being from the Nashville area I really didn’t have any choice in the matter. It’s part of the social DNA. Although I can’t string two chords together, I enjoy artists fashioning notes […]

All You Need Is Love

Written by Ashleigh. For more of Ashleigh’s writings check out #WiN This year will be my tenth Valentine’s Day with my husband, Matt. With nearly a decade’s worth of Valentine’s Day experience, my feelings toward the holiday have fluxed between absolute disdain to ooey, gooey love and back […]

This is Us…

Listen to Episode 44 of The Nashville Podcast via Apple Podcast or Google Play Music We’re modest. We don’t like to talk about ourselves. Instead we’d prefer to serve you, the listener, by helping you become more familiar with Tennessee culture and letting you know what’s going on […]