Create Something

Listen to Episode 47 of The Nashville Podcast via Apple Podcast or Google Play Music I hate wasting time. Time is the most valuable resource you and I have because of it’s scarcity. We only have so much while on this earth. It’s easy to be highly involved […]

Don’t Wait for Inspiration

This post was inspired by upcoming Episode 47 of The Nashville Podcast titled ‘Create Something‘ I like music. Being from the Nashville area I really didn’t have any choice in the matter. It’s part of the social DNA. Although I can’t string two chords together, I enjoy artists fashioning notes […]

All You Need Is Love

Written by Ashleigh. For more of Ashleigh’s writings check out #WiN This year will be my tenth Valentine’s Day with my husband, Matt. With nearly a decade’s worth of Valentine’s Day experience, my feelings toward the holiday have fluxed between absolute disdain to ooey, gooey love and back […]