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Disney Movie Tournament

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Selection Sunday and March Madness are upon us. Folks who haven’t watched a single minute of college basketball are ready to fill out their office bracket. Which, if you happen to work for Berkshire Hathaway, there is definitely some incentive to do your homework.

But what if you don’t care about sports? Are you left to spend you time wondering why Arie split with Becca to get with Lauren? Au contraire mon frère! The Nashville Podcast is hosting the 2018 Disney Movie Tournament, and we want your participation.

*Here’s the link to our interactive bracket. Fill it out and see how you compare: The Nashville Podcast Disney Movie Tournament Bracket


In this two part special, we took all the movies released by Disney and ranked them based upon revenue generated by US sales (adjusted for inflation). Marvel, Star Wars and other films geared towards a primarily non-kid audience were removed. Finally, the top 32 movies were seeded based upon revenue and placed in the bracket quadrants using the same format as the NCAA March Madness Selection Sunday.

We don’t claim to be experts in this category… but we all have daughters and therefore we are experts in this category. However, help was recruited. Our very own Wildcat in Nashville, Ashleigh, as well as movie buff Chris came in to help determine which Disney movie is the best.

Which movie wins? Listen to find out.

Also, if you’d prefer a printable bracket, here’s a pdf you can download (thanks Heather!) Printable Disney Bracket-The Nashville Podcast

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