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Barry Got Busted

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Nashville… a city where real life is way more entertaining than the show which bears its name.

If you haven’t heard, former Nashville mayor Megan Barry has resigned from office and pleaded guilty to felony theft. What caused such an action?! Well, let’s just say she got caught doing something she shouldn’t have done.

But here’s the thing… this is nothing new for Tennessee public officials. In this episode (which was recorded before Barry’s resignation and guilty plea) we discussed other famous cases of infamous public servants, such as:

Judge Casey Moreland

Former Mayor Bill Boner

The Ford Family from Memphis

Former Gov. Ray Blanton

-And (unfortunately) more

But it’s all good because we also mention a couple Tennesseans who stood up against political corruption. Listen to the episode for a humorous take on this subject matter.


This is former Mayor Bill Boner with his fiance (while he was still married to 3rd wife). Nashville; a place where country songs are lived, not just written and sung.

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