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I hate wasting time.

Time is the most valuable resource you and I have because of it’s scarcity. We only have so much while on this earth. It’s easy to be highly involved in (or distracted by) thoughts and ideas, concepts and plans, meetings and events… but what are you actually doing as a result of those time fillers?

As one who is surrounded by ministry professionals and who interacts with church leaders like myself on a daily basis, I (Brody) have an unpolished but much needed philosophy for the task at hand… just do the durn thing. In my line of work the ‘thing’ is basically make disciples by means of the Gospel. Stop talking about it. Do it.

Maybe you have a dream of being a writer. An artist. A creator of something which others can enjoy. What are you doing about it?

Stop wasting time and do the durn thing! Need some help with inspiration? We got you covered.

In this episode of The Nashville Podcast we hear from D.W. Gillespie. As an author, you’ll hear how he committed to writing despite a full-time job and family. D.W. also gives advice for any aspiring creator of art, written or otherwise.


Also we’re bringing you motivation and inspiration from another author of the King’s Elite series, John Elliott Kay. Listen as he shares his experience and motivation:

-John describing his road to becoming an author

-What is the King’s Elite Series and what else is John working on?

-John reveals his motivation for writing

-John gives wise advice for the aspiring author

To find out more about D.W. Gillespie and John Elliott Kay, visit their websites:

-  / Also on Amazon

-  / Also on Amazon and Barnes & Noble

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