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Bouquets and Boxed Chocolates

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When you were eight years old, things were a lot easier. If you wanted to impress your 3rd grade crush on Valentine’s Day all you had to do is get that sweet Lisa Frank card and fill it with your favorite Boys II Men lyrics.

Rumor on the playground was someone else had similar plans for your crush. No worries. You went next level with a flower pen and box of chocolates. Did it work? Like a charm. Your crush hugged you tighter than Jordan did the Championship Trophy in 1991.


(This is how you win on Valentine’s Day)

As adults, things aren’t as easy. But don’t worry… we got you covered. If you haven’t given a single thought to Valentine’s Day plans then listen to this episode and we give you some ideas. What makes these ideas great? They came from our wives.

Also, we mentioned some places to go for a Valentine’s Day dinner. Here’s a more exhaustive list: Places for Valentine’s Date in Nashville

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